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All About That Base

Here at MTM we are all about that base - ice-cream base that is.  Not all ice cream is created equal.  Delicious flavor and creamy texture starts with the base.  We were surprised to find out that many ice cream companies and shops use pre-made mix, but each flavor created by Minus the Moo is handmade, entirely custom and with love.

Sweet Cream Dream

Our vanilla is anything but base-ic. Our base is made from scratch… and we mean from SCRATCH!  We have selected our ingredient partners with care, ensuring they match our mission and values. Our star ingredient - our dairy - comes from the happiest Jersey Cows (which is a type of cow, not the location) in the state of Massachusetts.  High Lawn Farm is located in Western Mass and brings us the high quality dairy that gives our ice cream the creamy texture we all love and didn't think was possible in a lactose-free ice cream… until now.

Minus the Moo is founded on the belief that ice cream is exactly what it says it is - iced cream.  You will never find stabilizers, chemicals or additives in our ice cream.  If we can’t pronounce it, well then it just doesn’t belong.  Our base is simple, pure and allows us the premium foundation to create innovative flavors that lactose-free ice cream lovers have been missing for far too long.

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