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Equal Opportunity Enjoyment

If you have read our About Us, you know that Minus the Moo was founded by two ice cream lovers – one lactose-intolerant, one overwhelmingly sympathetic.  I, being the latter of the two, cannot imagine my life without ice cream.  Now that may sound dramatic, but those who know me know it is absolutely true. Not only do I always have a pint of ice cream in my freezer, but some of my favorite memories from growing up are after dinner pit-stops at Baskin Robbins with my family, waffles & ice cream for breakfast on special occasions - thanks, Mom - and the excitement of hearing the ice cream truck jingle as it pulled up at the pool in the summer (Did anyone else love those WWE Wrestler Pops?  The best…).  Ice cream has often strongly been tied to happy, fun times and no one should miss out on the simple pleasure of enjoying full flavored, real dairy ice cream.

In college, I witnessed Katy “managing” her lactose-intolerance.  She has always been an ice cream lover and continued to eat it despite her growing intolerance to lactose.   When all our friends would go out for fro-yo or have a scoop with cake on someone’s birthday, Katy never wanted to be left out and faced the consequences later.

For those who are not familiar, lactose-intolerance is the body’s inability to digest lactose, which is a sugar found in dairy.   As someone who is not lactose-intolerant, I was shocked to find out that about 65% of adults have lactose-intolerance in varying degrees.   This may be why there has been a recent rise in diary-free frozen dessert options out there, but it is a common misconception that lactose-intolerant is the same as diary-intolerant.  So why should lactose-intolerant ice cream lovers settle for dairy replacements, when they can subtract out the part that causes their discomfort – they can minus the moo, so to speak?

When Katy began creating her own lactose-free recipes, she wanted to fill the ice cream void in her life and thought other lactose-intolerant individuals might be looking for the same.   But the mission of Minus the Moo is bigger than that.  Minus the Moo is not just for the lactose-free, it’s for everyone.  Minus the Moo tastes like real ice cream because it is real ice cream.  Nothing substituted, only subtracted. Minus the Moo is Equal Opportunity Enjoyment and we can’t wait to share it with you all this summer!

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