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Katy's Story

 The story of Minus the Moo would be incomplete without looking back on how lactose intolerance has affected my life, first negatively and now positively. In addition to serving you delicious, lactose-free ice cream, we at Minus the Moo hope to empower you to never let dietary restrictions get in the way of living your best life.

Growing up, ice cream was a HUGE part of my life. Some of my happiest childhood memories are linked to the joy of sharing ice cream with family and friends. Turning down ice cream was just something that didn’t happen, so you can imagine my devastation when I began to realize that the thing I loved so much was responsible for making me sick.

As I got older, memories of driving to Cold Stone Creamery with my girlfriends became interwoven with dipping out of a different pint, that nobody else would want to share with me. Other times I would try downing lactase pills and nervously hope that they would work. Sadly, most of the time they didn’t but it was these moments that sparked the question; how can I find a way to enjoy all the foods I love AND have those I love, enjoy with me?

These troubling moments around food continued as I got older and I started to let it run my life.  I would turn down offers to go out to eat with friends (especially when everyone wanted to go out to ice cream).  Having to explain why I wasn’t going to get anything often seemed like more trouble than it was worth.  I even almost turned down a date because I didn’t want to tell the person that I was lactose intolerant and his offering of grilled cheese was the last thing I would be able to enjoy.  I never wanted to seem picky or inconvenience anyone by letting them know I could only eat certain things, a certain way.  I ended up mustering the courage to tell him I needed cheddar cheese (sounds silly now) because it was lactose free - easiest solution but felt so hard to say at the time.  Thankfully I didn’t turn down the date because we have been together now for 5 years!  Grilled cheese - with lactose free cheddar cheese - is still one of our favorite meals!

My advice to you is to never let your dietary restrictions, whatever they may be, get in the way of being yourself and enjoying any opportunity that comes your way. There are so many ways to live your best life and eat the best food that you can, so never feel embarrassed to tell someone what you can or can’t eat. At Minus the Moo, we’d love to help you through that journey.  


Do you have a story about how dietary restrictions have gotten in your way and how you’ve overcome them?




  • MIssy BAdger

    Thank you for working so hard to develop delicious lactose free ice Cream flavors that my family of 4 lactose intolerant members can all enjoy. Your relationship with Summer Scoops ice cream shop in Plainville has enabled my family to go be able to “go out and get some ice cream”. keep up the great work!!!!!

  • Lori Flannery

    Love the Video Blog!! Love the new website as well!! You are inspiring so many people to try lactose free ice cream again! Minus the moo tastes great!!!

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