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Some might call us basic...

On any given day, you can often find a member of the MTM team sampling our ice cream in store somewhere in New England.  We get a lot of questions during our demos, but two that we hear most frequently are “what is it?” or “what’s in it?”.  

Now, these are valid questions.  Most lactose-free frozen desserts aren’t truly ice cream and can be made from a multitude of nut-based milks.  And often when you pick up a carton of ice cream at the grocery store the ingredient listing is so long and full of crazy words that you can’t pronounce that you don’t really know what you’re eating.  But for us the answers are simple - it’s ice cream, made from classic ice cream ingredients that we call “back-to-basics”.  

When we set out to create Minus the Moo, we knew we wanted to focus on making real ice cream, made from real ice cream ingredients, but lactose-free for more people to enjoy. Our back-to-basic ingredients include:

  • Cream & Milk - We source ours RBST-hormone free from farmer-owned co-ops in the North East.  
  • Eggs - MTM is a French Custard style ice cream, which means that we use eggs in our custom mix.
  • Cane Sugar - No artificial sweeteners in our ice cream!
  • Mix-ins and Flavorings - We put care in sourcing the highest quality extracts, chocolate and espresso with no additives.
Finally we add in lactase enzyme, a natural enzyme that breaks down the lactose in the dairy.   And to keep things clean, you also won’t find any preservatives, additives or stabilizers in our ice cream.   


Who says being basic is a bad thing? 

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