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When Life Gives You Lemons…or Sea Salt

This weekend at SOWA, Minus the Moo is launching a brand new flavor!   We have lots of favorites, but this flavor is especially close to our hearts - because it was sea salt chocolate chip lactose free

When life give you lemons...or sea salt...make YUMMY ice cream!

Unlike many ice cream brands, Minus the Moo is made from an entirely custom mix, hand-made in small batches in our kitchen in Dorchester, MA.  We are always testing and trying out new flavors, but typically with an outcome in mind.  Last weekend, we were making a vanilla base mix trying to get our ingredient ratios just right.  Someone suggested adding a bit more sea salt, so naturally we doubled it.   Big mistake – or so we thought…

We were salty (pun intended) with gallons of “ruined” batter made from the last of this week’s dairy shipment.  We couldn’t serve our patrons salty ice cream…could we?  Well, we can and we will, with a deliciously sweet twist.  Introducing Minus the Moo’s new Sea Salt Chocolate Chip!

Salty, Sweet and Lactose-Free.  Try some this Sunday 10-4pm at the South End Open Market @SOWA – 500 Harrison Ave, Boston!

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