How does my Box of Beckon ship?

Beckon delivers your Box of Beckon right to your doorstep via FedEx. You will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped.

All items must be placed in a freezer upon arrival.  We ship our ice cream pints inside an insulated frozen shipper box, packed with dry ice to ensure your purchase arrives to its destination in mint condition, within the time frame it's supposed to arrive.

Please note that dry ice is very cold (-109.3°F -78.5°C) and should NOT be touched with bare hands. With each box, we include specific instructions to provide for safe handling and disposal of any remaining dry ice. 

Where does Beckon ship?

We ship within the United States to the 48 contiguous states plus Washington, DC.  Unfortunately, at this time, we're not able to ship to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally.

How much does it cost to ship my ice cream?

We're currently offering FREE SHIPPING on ground shipments up to two days.  If you are outside the geographic limits for 2-day ground, we offer 2-day air for a flat rate of $75.00.

When will my Box of Beckon ship?

Since Beckon is a perishable product, we work to limit your order's time in transit and typically we only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. This means that if you place an order between 1 pm ET on Wednesday and end of day Sunday, it is likely that it will not be processed for shipment until the following Monday.