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Relive Our Boston Public Market Experience!

  Minus the Moo popped up in the Boston Public Market from July 17- 30th. Our goal was to share the lactose free love and test out some new flavors (Confetti, Chocolate Candy Crisp, Strawberries and Sweet Cream, and Black Raspberry) exclusive to the pop-up. We were glad that people from different parts of the world, young and old, enjoyed our ice cream. All in all the pop-up was a success  and we hope we can pop-up again! If you didn't get to try our ice cream before we left, or you still want to be able to get pints, find us at Whole Foods and Roche Bros in New England or click here to shop online. Watch the video for a...

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Lactose Free Mac and Cheese Recipe- WHAT?!

One of my all time favorite meals prior to giving up lactose was my Nana's homemade macaroni and cheese.  My Nana would always make it for my brother and I whenever she came to visit.  I loved this recipe so much so, my Mom also mastered her famous macaroni and cheese because it was in such high demand within our household.  Unfortunately, one of the main ingredients in their macaroni and cheese was American cheese, one of the few cheeses I have been able to replace.  I have worked long and hard to create a similar cheesy masterpiece and I have finally developed my new favorite lactose free macaroni and cheese.  As much as I wish I could continue to...

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First Fancy Food Show Recap

This past week, we attended our first EVER Fancy Food Show!  The Fancy Food Show took place over three days at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.  People from all over the food industry - brands, retailers, brokers, distributors, investors, service providers, press and more - all came to see what was new in food.  We want to share our pictures with you because we had a blast! We got in to New York City on Friday afternoon to set up our booth, complete with our newly wrapped freezer. On Saturday, we set up our display in the "what's new" section, where retailers can see what exciting new products or brands will be exhibiting at the show. Here's the Minus...

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Katy's Story

 The story of Minus the Moo would be incomplete without looking back on how lactose intolerance has affected my life, first negatively and now positively. In addition to serving you delicious, lactose-free ice cream, we at Minus the Moo hope to empower you to never let dietary restrictions get in the way of living your best life. Growing up, ice cream was a HUGE part of my life. Some of my happiest childhood memories are linked to the joy of sharing ice cream with family and friends. Turning down ice cream was just something that didn’t happen, so you can imagine my devastation when I began to realize that the thing I loved so much was responsible for making me...

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I'm in vanil-love with this milkshake

Vanilla Milkshake Total Time: 3 Minutes Yield: 4 Vanilla Milkshakes Materials 2 pints of Minus the Moo Vanilla Ice Cream 2 cup of your favorite lactose-free milk 1 tsp of vanilla extract 1 blender Directions Combine ingredients (ice cream, milk, and vanilla extract) in blender. Blend until desired consistency. Add more milk for a thinner finish. Pour into glasses and enjoy!  

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