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The First of Many @SOWA!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support the launch of Minus the Moo this past Sunday at the South End Open Market @SOWA! market light
Ready for launch! 
Sunday morning was a whirlwind in the kitchen - packing up the pints, loading the freezer, chalking up on menu board, and making sure not to forget anything crucial.  “Where are the tablecloths?!”  Thank goodness for our dream team – Kristen, our Scoopervisor, Michael, CFO, and the Flannerys, our lifesavers.   Without them there is no way we would have been able to get everything there, set up, and ready to go. photo 3
Dream Team

When we began this project 9 months ago, we decided SOWA would be a great place to start.  We had talked frequently about our expectations for the day, trying to be realistic and not getting our hopes up.  We were so lucky this past Sunday was a perfect day for ice cream – 70 and sunny - surpassing every expectation we had for our first day!  We appreciate everyone’s interest, feedback, and open-mindedness to try a lactose-free ice cream, helping us sell through all 17 gallons of ice cream before the market was over!

 Hearing everyone’s feedback was especially helpful and rewarding.  One customer told us “[Minus the Moo] is going to change my life”.  Perhaps this was hyperbole, but it was reassuring to hear that Minus the Moo was fulfilling someone’s need.  One mother told us that she was so happy she found an option that both her sons - one lactose-intolerant and one not - would love.  That is what Equal Opportunity Enjoyment is all about!

market 2

A few patrons asked where we sell our product and the answer for now is “right here at SOWA!”  Our dream is to one day sell in retail stores, but in the meantime we are going to set up pints for pick-up from both Crop Circle Kitchen in Dorchester on Saturdays and SOWA on Sundays to offer customers more flexibility!

Check back soon for more information on how to order pints for pickup.  And if you want to help the cause, go into your local Boston grocer and ask for Minus the Moo by name.  Maybe one day we will make it to your freezer aisle!

See you next week!

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